Habitat: Where Cuttlefish Live

Cuttlefish mostly live in warm, shallow waters. Many are found in coral reefs, where there is an abundance of prey. Cuttlefish can be found off the eastern and southern coasts of Asia, the coastlines of Africa, the Mediterannean Sea, the coast of western Europe, and the coast of Australia. Oddly, no cuttlefish can be found along the coasts of North or South America.

A map of where cuttlefish live. Note that they do not appear in the Americas.

The light blue areas are all places where cuttlefish may live. From the shores of England to Indonesia, Cuttlefish can be found almost everywhere. However, cuttlefish cannot be found in the Americas, and of course, the frigid waters of Antarctica.

It is not easily explained as to why cuttlefish cannot be found in the Americas, but the reason why cuttlefish to not travel to the Americas is because the ocean beyond the coastline is too deep for cuttlefish to survive.