Drew Struzan

You've Seen his Work!

Drew Struzan, born in 1947, is an illustrator more associated with movie posters than with U.S. Postal Stamps. Although he has illustrated over a dozen stamps, the artwork for five of his stamps is on display in the current exhibit at the National Postal Museum, they are:

Ira & George Gershwin cell phone Jurassic Park
Ira and George Gershwin (1999) Cell Phones (2000) Jurassic Park (2000)
Sport Utility Vehicle Lucille Ball All five of these were painted with acrylic and Prismacolor. The Lucille Ball stamp was part of the "Legends of Hollywood" stamp series, which Drew Struzan painted.
Sport Utility Vehicle (2000) Lucille Ball (2001)  


The Poor Artist

Drew StruzanDrew Struzan was born in Portland, Oregon and came from a poor family. As a child he was a prodigy and was studied by researchers at Stanford University. He attributes much of his talent to natural ability that was not understood by his parents nor encouraged by them. He says “I grew up drawing on toilet paper because that was all there was.”(Wikepedia) He came to Los Angeles to study art at the Art Center College of Design where he worked his way through school by selling his art and taking commissions. When asked by a college counselor whether he wanted to study fine art or illustration, he chose illustration because he was poor. "As a fine artist he could paint what he wanted, but as an illustrator he could paint for money. It didn't take him too long to choose his course of study. 'I'll be an illustrator,' he announced. 'I need to eat.'" (Mosher)


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